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Thinking about how to promote your brand on Instagram?
Well, if you were the one telling customers that your product was the best, why would they believe you? But if an authoritative figure says your product is awesome, consumers are more likely to trust them. Agree? Influencer marketing it is! In case some of you aren’t aware yet, digital influencers are people who have cultivated a social media presence; they have followers in the thousands, sometimes even millions, and their pictures and videos get massively liked, shared, and commented on. Due to their popularity and loyal fanbase, these folks have become trusted thought leaders and thanks to the wide audience that already loves and trusts them, they can make any brand famous within varied different publics. That’s why you must count them as one of the key actors of your brand development in 2018! According to the latest statistics, more than 60% of marketers increased their revenue in 2017 by using highly targeted influencers, and over a third of marketers spent up to $5,000 on influencer marketing. For 2018 a recent survey predicts that around 40 percent of companies will increase influencer marketing and social media budgets, with the majority planning to spend between $25,000 and $50,000 throughout the year. It’s interesting that 92% of respondents named Instagram as the most important network for influencer marketing followed by Facebook at 77 percent.

A watch brand Daniel Wellington is one of the first companies that fully understood the potential of cooperating with influencers. With thousands of posts with their hashtag and nearly 4 million followers on Instagram, they make the perfect example simply to show the scale of impact that influencers can generate. The brand pays celebrities and gifts watches to lesser-known micro-influencers to post photos of the watch. Simple as this. Efficient as hell. I was delighted to be a part of their massive campaign on Instagram, among the other celebrities, bloggers, and influential personalities over there. The brand absolutely trusted us with the quality and creativity of the pictures we were posting on our accounts. And because we were all kinda creative communicators, we made their Instagram feed positively breath-taking. Instagram was increasingly flooded by super-cool, smart and artistic captures of the watch, which was exactly what draw you in to want to know more about the brand. A huge buzz was created around the brand, and #DanielWellington became iconic among Millennials from all around the World, exposed massively to those posts.

Now, look at the Mother of Influence, Kim Kardashian West. The top-earning social media star made a fortune from her apps, website, emojis, and product endorsements mostly on Instagram. Kimmy also made enormous sum from her new beauty brand, KKW Beauty, that within a day of the launch only sold 300,000 contour and highlight kits amounting to $14.4 million. Kardashian sisters had main roles in another huge influencer campaign with massive outcome and popularity which I want to give you as another example of “killing it” in the world of modern marketing.

The worldwide famous brand Sugar Bear Hair, advertised as a hair supplement for longer, stronger and shinier locks, makes one of the top beauty fads that Kimmy, Khloe, and Kylie are flogging via social media, and rather successfully I can tell. Today’s Insta-savvy Sugar Bear was seemingly a small, unknown company before they reached out to the Kardashians and later to other popular Instagram stars, Youtubers, models, bloggers to have them promote these gummy bear vitamins. Now it boasts a whopping 1,7 million Instagram followers and counting.

Well, call me Kardashian wannabe, but I fancy being in their company, as the one chosen to promote Sugar Bear in the UAE. I just, like every other girl in the world desire the same things in life: love, happiness and hella good hair. Anyway, my followers know me well. I do not endorse products I don’t like. Neither I am of those people saying I love you unless I really mean it. So, trust me when I say, I am falling in love with those blue babies. And guess what? The Arab world is falling too, both women and men are going crazy for Sugar Bear Hair. And why is that? Well, I guess someone who they love, and trust made them so. Millennials in the UAE, like nowhere else in the world, are swayed by what they get to see on social media! Beauty, Fashion and Food are the areas where they are ‘most likely to turn to social media influencers for recommendations’. So much so, 71 percent of them — between 18 to 40 years — is “happy” to take advice online before making up their minds to purchase something. Still thinking what’s the best way to elevate your business and make your brand famous? Need I say more?


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