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„Sorry mam, the weekends are already fully booked till the end of September“! This was a really unexpected answer, as I called to book the famed Aura Skypool for the coming Saturday, 18th of June. Well, I don’t feel like giving up on my plan on this beautiful day in my second favorite city in the world, but making the impossible – possible, ‘cuz, this is how we do it in Dubai. „You say money can not buy happiness? Habibi, come to Dubai!“

I had to do what I planned to do – a poolside product photoshoot at the world’s biggest infinity pool, located on the 50th floor of St. Regis hotel, Palm Jumeirah. I wanted to introduce my favorite cosmetics brand to the UAE market in style. The best cosmetics, top quality, the most prestigious hotel, the highest floor, the most stunning view in Dubai, the biggest pool, the most expensive “this and that”… Sounds pretentious I know. ” You can take the girl out of Dubai, but you can’t take Dubai out of the girl.”

I pride myself on being a brand ambassador for phenomenal premium skincare made in Switzerland, the one I personally use and appreciate a lot, as their line of ANTI-AGING products literally changed my life. Even though I’m in my mid-thirties, I never pay too much attention to aging, getting old, looking old, etc. To be honest, the remaining of my TO-DO list has nothing to do with age. Being crazy is timeless, ambition has no age, motivation and dreams are forever, and the good looks in my case are coming from the inside. It’s called charisma, I’m lucky I was born with it and it gets only better with age!

What else is my secret to aging gracefully? I would say a combination of a balanced, active lifestyle, nutritious diet, consistent skin care regimen, and positive attitude always and forever. Speaking of skincare, I started using Konsens Cosmetics just a few months ago and have already decided, that this brand will be my beauty partner for good. They offer various lines of products suitable for different skin types, and my favorite is definitely the ANTI-AGING premium collection, containing several products: cleansing tonic, soap bar, anti-aging serum, anti-aging creme, and eye cream for all skin types.

We all know our wrinkles are caused chiefly by repeated facial expressions. Laughter is the main one in my case, and for those lines, I can blame my, so far fulfilled life and positive attitude, super-fun family moments, crazy friends, and merry-making business ideas that happen to make lots of money too. Opposite to laugh lines, there are frown wrinkles or worry lines between eyebrows, right above the nose, created by one being sad, worried, or nervous. “WTF lines” I would say so. However, no Fs given, or I will gain more! Luckily, I found the way to fight all those tiny lines or deep wrinkles successfully, having great support from my recently discovered and already favorite Konsens Cosmetics ANTI-AGING collection.

Konsens ANTI-AGING products have the ability to minimize wrinkles and fine lines by boosting collagen production and improving the health of the second layer of skin. I tried and tested all the items from their anti-aging line, realizing that face cream and serum are absolute must-haves!

To be very honest, Konsens beauty serum is my preferable choice, as I experienced more effectiveness, compared to using only cream. The light texture is immediately absorbed and due to the high concentration of active ingredients, you can feel the difference on your skin the very next day. Regular use will moisturize the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and define contours, making your face, neck, and decollete look young and firmer.

The cream provides the skin with intensive moisture and improves the skin’s elasticity, yet, thanks to the four hyaluronic acids, the skin is plumped up, tightened and smoothed. Contained Argireline, which is called “Botox in a bottle”, boosts cell regeneration and collagen production and significantly slows down skin aging. The results are beyond my expectations – a balanced, fresh, and radiant complexion that makes me look 10 years younger and feel ageless!

Summer 2022 is definitely all about Konsens Cosmetics, as their mini bag with travel-sized items is my companion on all the trips so far. The UAE, Italy, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Turkey… and certainly, the list is not fully checked just yet. You can never have too many of those “wheels up” and “touchdown” moments, so let me surprise myself with another destination very soon…

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  1. This is what I call an honest review, not like other bloggers just Buy buy buy
    You look stunning Dragana

    Shop eith us Closet D’lux


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