The Best Digital Courses Available in UAE

1. Become Blogger and Instagram Influencer

Want to become a Blogger and Instagram Influencer? You must try this really awesome, action-based intro to a blogging career in Dubai or elsewhere across the globe. Build your Instagram empire, get paid by the world’s top brands, learn monetizing techniques, and start blogging for living. One of the top Dubai bloggers will give you professional A-Z guidance and industry top secrets in this online or in-person course, followed by a week-time intense practical work.

2. Social Media Management for Businesses

Individual or group Social Media Course, held in person or online, mostly for business owners, marketers, and social media managers looking for ways to tie social media directly into real business growth and sales. This 2-hour, straightforward class will help you create a rock-solid foundation for your business or brand on social. Suitable for people of all skill levels pressuring career in digital, to significantly improve their skills and build their CV.

3. Social Media Academic Program

This international academic course helps students in gaining today’s essential employability skills and competencies, improves educational programs of any academic discipline, and paves the way for innovation in the ‘Digital sector’. The course has been associated with a number of MBA and academic institutions across the world, such as Dubai University, SP Jain School of Global Management, FAD Institute, Montenegro University…etc.

4. Corporate Event / Masterclass

Create a strong and vibrant workforce, enhance team-building, amaze your employees with the best Corporate Masterclass available in the UAE! This educational, still entertaining, action-filled course with a number of social media-related topics is suitable for corporations of any verticals. The course provides comprehensive learning on the best, sales-focused social media strategies, algorithm performance, innovations of the Metaverse, and much more.

5. Everything You Need to Know about NFTs and Metaverse

Suddenly Metaverse has become the biggest buzzword in tech and we all want a slice of it. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user in the digital sector, this guide should cover almost everything you need to know about Metaverse and how to react opportunely in order to get rich quickly once the new universe is ready to be exploited.

6. How to make money with NFTs? Cryptocurrency A-Z

Why NFTs have value and why they are revolutionary? Learn the basics of NFT trading, how to mint from project creators, and buy/sell NFTs from secondary marketplaces. Invest in the crypto world, build different projects with the acquired knowledge. Place yourself in the new hot market now and make millions later on!

7. Digital Marketing For Realestate

  • Digital tools to bring in qualified buyers
  • The most effective email campaigns ( 95% accurate lead data available)
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Content marketing (add relevantly and SEO optimized content)
  • Virtual tour hosting
  • Sales-focused social media strategies
  • Video and mobile marketing to maximise leads
  • The best-kept industry secrets converting leads inoto buyers

8. Comprehensive Dubai Guide

Get to know Dubai to the core and advance your career in this incredible city of opportunities with our comprehensive guide that brings prosperity to your Dubai life, on both, professional and personal levels. Whether you are looking to grow your business, partner, or venture into something new, this course helps with business networking, elevates your lifestyle, explains UAE law, and all you need to know about people, places, services, and resources…

9. ‘Sell Like Crazy’ Digital Marketing Course

This Digital Marketing Course includes 15 different sales-focused courses for strategic business growth and real ROI. Take the course today and start selling like crazy tomorrow. Or get a high-paid job in digital marketing and sales!

10. SEO and Google Ads Course

Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through this indepth course, with a practical hands-on guide. Create campaigns for online sales, lead generation, or brand building and get all the secrets, tricks, and techniques, learned from years of experience in managing million-dollar accounts across the Globe.

Advance your career, start an online business, become a digital entrepreneur, get rich quickly! Take one of our digital courses held live with your instructor!

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Pursue Blogging as your Future Career

  • Build your Instagram empire and get paid by World’s top brands
  • Become famous social media influencer capable of making difference in the lives of others
  • Setup a stunning blog, website, or online shop, create catchy content to generate a massive audience
  • Have the ability to create captivating branding and engaging content
  • Take stunning pics and videos and edit them to perfection
  • Understand the basics of You Tube, Facebook and Google Ads
  • Start your own business with support of your follower base
  • Enter the industry circles and get connected to a worldwide community of agencies, brands, and other bloggers
  • Learn monetizing techniques and start blogging for living

Want to become a blogger and an Instagram influencer? To do blogging for living? A famous social media influencer, Dragana, will guide you step by step! As a reputable blogger and one of the top influencers in the UAE, she will give you all the secrets of the industry – how to get real followers fast, how brands, companies, and agencies deal with influencers, how to create the most powerful campaign, what financial compensation you can expect to earn, and much more!

This 2-hour online live course is for anyone who wants to start a blogging career, live their best life while earning from their blog or social media platforms. This workshop is for everyone with a passion for fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle blogging, or mom blogging, who’d like to have an exciting and fun-filled hobby, collaborate with brands, visit exclusive places, and always meet fabulous people within the industry. According to the topic and theme of your blog, the instructor will take a look at how to professionally build your digital empire with absolutely no previous technical knowledge or other skills required.

As a media expert with more than 15 years of experience, Dragana provides realistic insights into the industry helping students to build a proper career utilizing social platforms and new media trends. It’s going to be a comprehensive A-Z guideline to kick start making your dream come true.

Social Media Management for Businesses

Individual / Group / Corporate

  • Get to know all about NFT Metaverse and make the most out of it
  • How to make money in the Metaverse
  • How to monetize your NTFs?
  • Gain in-depth knowledge on social media business, marketing tactics, latest trends and algorithm updates
  • Learn the most effective Instagram monetization
  • Create digital comprehensive campaigns to boost your sales now
  • Become Facebook ads expert, create highly optimized, top quality paid ads to ensure sales and ROI
  • Setup your own online business supported by social media and influencer marketing
  • Enter exclusive circles of famous bloggers and influencers in the UEA and GCC and start cross-promotions that gets your brand famous across the Middle East

Book this online zoom course to get your business or brand to reach the right audience, get hundreds of real followers and prospective clients. Make your Instagram platform famous by creating the right social media campaigns that bring engagement, boost sales, and make immediate changes for your business.

In this course, an expert social media influencer and university teacher will guide you with exciting multimedia lectures and workshops on social media, influencer marketing, and monetizing technics from A to Z. You will know the secrets and industry insights on how to get the most of social media nowadays, with no hassle, zero investments, and lots of fun during the process.

Learn Social Media, Digital Marketing, IT skills and more with the best live courses for professional and aspiring creatives.